Calendar of Events

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facilitated by Reiki Practitioner and Shamanic Healer Alan Waugh
Tuesday, May 15th 6:30 – 8 pm


with Odile Dell’Aquila
Fridays, May 11, 18, and 25      7:00 – 8:30 pm   $22-44  ($11-22 locals)

Join us for a high frequency experience lovingly guided by Odile Dell’Aquila and her Gold Alchemy, Apophyllite, and Violet Flame Aura crystal bowls to further awaken and expand your own Star-Light Essence. It is a unique opportunity to activate and anchor your pure light
and divine beingness.

Testimonial~”I experienced a profound connection with my star origins and a further expansion of my divine self during Odile’s meditation. I felt deep healing happening in my body and we were guided to journey together as a group to do some powerful planetary healing work. It was a very high vibrational experience!”


Every Saturday evening   7:30-8:30 pm   $15-25 donation
Join us for a powerful journey as Saranam brings through deep dragon energies from Mother Earth along with whale and ocean energies for healing, clearing and transformation. The event will harness the power of the transition into the darkness of night to enhance the healing experience. Saranam has been playing the didgeridoo for over 20 years and is naturally gifted in calling forth these beautiful healing sound vibrations. Experience suitable for most ages including
families with older children.


Date to be announced soon

Join Deborah and Saranam for a one-day intensive training to learn revolutionary, paradigm-shifting energy clearing and management techniques from these two experienced Mt. Shasta practitioners. We will teach you self-empowering healing modalities for you to take charge of your own energy field.  For more details, visit our Products and Services page.


Check back for more events coming in May and June including~
*Crystal Bowl and Vocal Activation Sound Healing with Christina Wells
*Expressive Arts Series with Deborah Stellamaris including Soul Collage, Touch Drawing, Vision Boards, Art in the Dark, Inner Child Play, Mandala-making, Sacred Geometry Art,
Goddess Gathering and more