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The Mt. Shasta Arts and Healing Center is a combination retail shop and event space. We also provide healing services after hours.
Our products include a variety of elegant gift items such as beautiful, handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry, sacred geometry shirts, tree, pyramid and flower healing essences, Lemurian, twin flame and specialty crystals, wands, crystal trees, wedding and baby gifts, spiritual artwork and books, and many whimsical and unique gifts including many “made in Mt. Shasta”.
Our event space is available for private or public event rental. We will assist you in marketing your event if you are interested. Contact us for more information.
Our healing services are described below.




Deborah and Saranam in Session




Date to be announced soon

Join Deborah and Saranam for a one-day intensive training to learn revolutionary, paradigm-shifting energy clearing and management techniques from two experienced Mt. Shasta practitioners. We will teach you self-empowering healing modalities for you to take charge of your own energy field.

The workshop will include an introduction to working with your energy field including grounding, clearing and expansion.

We will demonstrate and teach specific and more in-depth empowering energy clearing techniques in an interactive and collaborative process. We will also delve into more complex energy issues including entities, challenging cords, patterns from past lives and childhood experiences, energy parasites, etheric devices or implants, and more.
(Bring a bag lunch if desired or there is quick take out nearby.)

Special introductory rate of $111 per person.
Space is very limited so please reserve your spot with a prepayment as soon as possible.
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Saranam and Deborah work together, generating a powerful synergy, to achieve the greatest benefit possible in one session. We also offer individual sessions for clients who prefer to work with only one of us. In our healing work we connect with Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Ascended Masters, Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and other celestial beings to assist us in bringing forth the most guidance and clearing possible. We work as conduits for the Divine Source to flow through us and to inspire you to become proactive in your own healing journey.

We offer specific guidance, instruction and spiritual techniques empowering you to be your own healer. We also offer direct feedback and our presence and assistance to help you through your healing journey. Our goal is to empower you.

In a typical healing session, we will first read your aura, letting you know where we see blocks and constrictions in the flow of energy through your chakras. Then we will guide you with specific techniques to direct focused energy to dislodge blockages and unhealthy cords and attachments, and to open, activate and energize areas that are constricted, filling each chakra and your entire energy field with Divine Love. Usually we will let you do the work, so you are empowered to continue clearing your own field in your every-day life. But if it is called for, with your permission, we will offer direct assistance in clearing difficult cords or attachments. And throughout the session we hold a field of strong Divine Love to facilitate all the guided work we ask you to do.

We are both empaths, so during an intuitive counseling session we can give you specific information about the chakras affected by your current issues and the areas of your field that are blocked, contracted or diminished in energy flow. In this way, we can compassionately guide you to solutions and resolutions that free and expand your chakras and allow for a greater flow of energy in your field. We can also give you information about patterns from childhood conditioning and from previous lifetimes that are affecting your current situation. We do not make decisions for you; we simply give you greater clarity and an expanded viewpoint so that you can make your own self-empowered decisions about the issues you are facing.

Our services include:
  • Intuitive Readings and Guidance
  • Chakra Clearing and Activation
  • Cord Clearing and Entity Removal
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Energy Medicine
  • Medical Intuitive Work

Sessions available in-person, by phone or by video conference:

Collaborative sessions with both Deborah and Saranam: $144
(with a $32 discount for a 3-session package).

Individual sessions with Deborah or Saranam also available. Contact us for rates and availability at 530-918-8177.

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Single Session with
Deborah & Saranam
for $144:

3-Session Package with
Deborah & Saranam
for $400 ($32 discount):